This is an expansion of a project that started with Palm Organized on Feburary 18, 2007. I love GTD and Productivity and am passionate about finding creative new ways to engage in it. I have been an avid palm user for many years. My first post was for an unorthodox implementation of a GTD system using the Palm Outliner Bonsai. Currently, there have been more than 500 requ4ests for the template over at my sister site Palm Organized.com I am also an associate writer at Palmaddict and contribute every now and then.

I anticipate the same passion for creatively pushing the envelope with the iPhone as I have done with the Palm. I currently carry both the iPhone and the Palm TX. I love the opportunity that a blog provides to carve a niche in the blogossphere and revel in the opportunity to be fiercely clever in making my mark. You can be certain that if I post something amazing it is only because I have something else in the hopper that you don’t know about that or I am working on. Stay tuned for amazing new developments in the same vein as palmorganized.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Fred Goldring Says:

    I have watched the video, however where can i find more specific step by step of doing this. I understand the use of notes but the auto cc and email accounts are not clear.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for the idea. Was looking for some way of implementing gtd with native apps. Will be giving it a spin. Thanks again

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